Why Giving Has No Season, Thanks To Black Santa And Baron Davis!

Baron Davis has put his thoughts into action and made a communities cant’s become can’s. Black Santa is the idea that #givinghasnoseason and heroes come in all [bearded] shapes, sizes and colors. The concept that we can come together even when society appears to be heading into a divisive state of mind, welcomes platforms such as Black Santa. There is still magic in good, a slogan from Black Santa himself. My phone chat with Baron was similar to that of a visit with Santa Claus, for those of you who did that as kids. I personally didn’t yet Barons joyful spirit, jolly laugh and incline to do good kindled my understanding as to why Black Santa is changing the game. Join the Black Santa movement, as you check out our exciting chat! “With all that’s going on in this country, and particularly in the African-American community, I want to offer heroes and role models through storytelling. Black Santa is the first character. His mission is to celebrate diversity, the joy of giving and the magic of good. He’s here to bring people together and have fun.” - Baron Davis.