Why Anabel Englund Will Be A 2017, Artist To Watch!

Anabel Englund is a powerhouse who is not afraid to go through the unpredictable ride known as life. It’s rare to speak to someone one-time and walk away with inner gems that has carried me into 2017. I’ve always said, that success starts from within and Anabel Englund embodies just that. Her first solo single London Headache will have you moving your body and the meaning behind it will shift your mental-beat. Our chat enlivened me to my core, reminding me that we all have a purpose and when we are fully living ours, even if just a moment, at the right time all the dots will connect. Check out Anabel’s latest single and our legit-soulful chat! 

Mm: When I was sent your music, I listened to it and thought yo, this is really dope. I had it blasting one weekend. I’m being 100% I even played it for a friend. What does London Headache mean to you? How did you creatively come up with that concept? 

AE: Well actually the song title is a few words from the song that are just put together. I use to live in London off and on. I was dating someone over there. He and I would drink a lot together and do things that I don’t do now. I’ve said, this before in interviews but this was like the first step towards the clean slate for me. The headache is a reference to being hungover all the time and then getting lost again. The chorus talks about how nothing is permanent and sometimes when we are in those dark stages of our life all we see is that. It’s like how the fuck am I going to get out of this. Sometimes we have these magnifying glasses on— on all this craziness that is happening right now. Instead of taking a breath and realizing this is not how the rest of my life is going to be. It is just for right now this is happening let me just do the next right thing and know that its going to pass and move forward. All we have to go on sometimes when shit hits the fan— when it rains it pours.