How Jah9 Is Raising The Bar On Being Fearless, In Her New Album 9

This fearless vocalist has taken the power of her platform to an amazing level. Her second album 9, released on September 9, 2016 (2+0+1+6=9) represents a quantum leap forward and our forward-thinking conversation will have you quantum leaping as well. “For a woman’s voice to be heard, it has to be extreme. Powerful words, said by this singer songwriter ring throughout her new album and the course of our inspiring chat. If there was ever a time to use your platform for the benefit of the unheard-voices, now would be the time and Jah9 is doing just that. Take a look at how her unwavering creative journey led her to having the #2 Album on Billboard’s 10 best Reggae albums of 2016!

Mm: I am really excited to sit and get to talk to you and finally meet you. There is such a force about you. As I got to learn about you, I discovered you have been writing since you were 6 years old and you have managed to develop that into a career. How do you go from writing at 6 and knowing you have this gift, to living it out as your full time career now?