Calm, Yet So Cool! How So? DJ, Yotto

He was one of the breakout stars of 2016. Having just completed a successful whirlwind multi-city tour. Artist, Yotto chatted with me, as he laid on his living room floor—chilling. There is no other way to do in an interview, if you ask me! Our phone-chat brief yet easy, gave way to his calm creative nature. He has a focus that... I too hope to embody. Not letting the outside world sway what his creative focus should be. But, trusting that once he sits down to create, the right vision will follow. Our chat was calm, insightful and organic... as most of life’s best things tend to be. 

Mm: I love the you are currently relaxing on your floor at home because you have been on a whirlwind. 15 cities yo! Which has happened in like a month. 

Yotto: Yes, it was intense!

Mm: Very intense! How are you feeling from all of that and how has the tour been so far?