Calling All Entrepreneurs, This Could Be Your Monetary Year!

Abbygale Bloomfield is one up-and-coming hidden figure, that is giving the youth a platform to build— their platform. Founder of Verified Identity, Abbygale has taken her passion for giving and made it into a global company which all started on Instagram. Verified Identity opens the door through giveaways, for the youth to apply and have the monetary access to further accelerate their dreams. In her new campaign Ms. Bloomfield has partnered with the dynamic media hub, The Shade Room to create the campaign, Verified Entrepreneur in which they will give away $1,000 a month to entrepreneurial youth. I was fortunate to chat with the Waterhouse, Kingston Jamaican born businesswoman and tap into her open-heart on how this all got started. Her hopes for todays entrepreneur and how you can apply for this compelling initiative, will astound you. We would also like to give a special thanks to Angelica Nwandu and the entire Shade Room team for collaborating with Verified Identity. Abdul Harris you have also been a powerful force within making this all happen and we thank you. Through The Shade Room’s massive platform together we are able to be a voice for the youth, opening up doors that in most cases, would never be possible. 

Mm: I was really excited that you approached me regarding verified identity and then having the opportunity to be able to speak with you over the phone and get to know your sweet sprit has been great. This has further inspired me to learn what Verified Identity is all about. What does Verified Identity mean to you?