Why New Moon, Is A Refreshing New Hit From DJ Flexican

Some would think this creative artist has been silent maybe even absent from the “scene”. Yet many times what you don’t say, speaks-even-more volumes than what you do say! With the release of New Moon, the Mexican-born Dutch DJ & producer has shown that sound creativity is often birthed in the midst of what, we as a loud society, call silence. Chatting with the artist on his new EP, his health journey and how he evolved over the past two years has further inspired me to seek ways of silence to further express the truest part of my voice— which gets to be heard. 


Mm: I am really excited to dive into your fun, hip EP New Moon this great compilation EP. Is New Moon coming off the heels of your two year break? 

Flexican: Yea, this is my first EP. I made a lot of music, like enough for three or four EP’s. But that two years was really a moment for me to get more focused in the studio. I started doing less DJ bookings. I would only do the special ones and not just the ones for work. I wanted to be even more creative and experiment more within the production side to gain my passion back. If you DJ a lot sometimes — for me it was a bit hard to create new music because my ears were tired. When you go into the studio you can manage to produce for like a couple of hours but then you get bored or tired and want to go home so I was not finishing music because I was just making something that I was like oh, this is ok.  I had a really busy schedule and then touring so to finish work was a little bit hard for me. So, I thought, ok I need to take a break and focus more on the production side and try to experiment. 

Mm: Yea, that answers my question I was about to get into. Wondering if a two year break would slow down your momentum? Yet, you are telling me, it almost did the opposite. It gave you a new breath of inspiration. 

Flexican: Yes, for sure.

Mm: When you are creating New Moon, what was the inspiration behind songs like Good Girl which has a really good feel instantly. Or even the song Glow? 

Flexican: I started just making it. I didn't think too much about it. When I start thinking concepts then you make music in the moment that is computer like. I was thinking more along the lines of let me make stuff without thinking too much about it and see how it feels when I listen to it in a different moment. It’s also because I’ve done this for so long…lets see, I have been DJ’ing already 10 years. So, I have a broad knowledge of music. But Good Girl, I worked with a keyboard player and we were just jamming with sounds. He started that rift and we thought, Oh lets take it from here and keep it down tempo. With that rift you can make it more housey and I started going back to more of what I came from on the production side. It’s more of like Hip Hop kind of think and R&B. I wanted to combine both of those worlds R&B, Electronic, and then House fall to the floor kind of beat with just a little bit more down tempo. 

Mm: Speaking of Hip Hip influence. I loved learning that about you as well because I am a huge hip hop and electronica and alternative fan as well. For you as someone who is not only a lover of music but an embodiment of music, what are some Hip Hop albums that have really inspired you? 

Flexican: Tribe Called Quest! 

Mm: Have you heard their new one?

Flexican: Yeah, Yeah of course.

Mm: Isn't it so good? 

Flexican: Yes, it was such a gift. When it came out, I saw it on the internet that they were about to release an album in a couple of hours and I was like what. It was like 3 am in the morning and I didn't go to bed. I waited until they released it. I sat on the couch, put my headphones on my girlfriend was sleeping and I played it from beginning to end till 5 in the morning. 

Mm: It is such a great album! 

Flexican: For me it was like a Beatles dropped a new album out of nowhere. 

Mm: I feel like we can both identify with not growing up with youtube and snapchat and Instagram. Now being of age, watching all of that develop and become such a part of everything especially business. How have you found the balance as an artist realizing you need to be apart of this social media entity but not getting consumed by it? 

Flexican: For me its a love and hate relationship. When Instagram first came out, I was like oh this can actually work for me. I didn’t like twitter because I am not really a verbal person and good with what to say always. So I was more of an Instagram person, then the whole shift came and people started to post really beautiful photos. Everything had to be perfect, everything had to have a creative concept. Then at that moment, I began to think oh shit, I am not going to post this random photo. Then, I started to overthink it too much so, I decided to only post the important stuff. I need it, I need social media, I need face book and face book live because its a way to connect with your fans. As well as stay in touch with other artist and keep up with what they are doing. I think the most important thing is that music has to speak for itself and not what you present yourself as on Instagram. Sometimes its difficult but your music has to speak for itself and not how many followers you have and so forth. 

Mm: Yes, because you can get lost in what doesn't really matter.

Flexican: Exactly, Exactly! It’s also an addiction for people. For me, I started of noticing that I was addicted to opening Instagram all the time— I was like this is insane. 

Mm: Hahaha! 

Flexican: I am really losing my creativity because every moment in the studio, if I have a spare moment, I grab my phone and start looking on Instagram. I will think to myself, I am creating in the studio I don’t have to be thinking right now what other people are doing. This is completely bull shit so when I am in the studio now— I put my phone away really far away so that I don’t pick it up. It works! 

Mm: In regards to what works for you and keeps you whole and sane + balanced. You are a vegan. How do you maintain being vegan as you travel and do not have a set schedule all the time? How do keep up with your help and how does that impact your music along with meditation and Yoga and so forth? 

Flexican: I think one part that I noticed is you feel much better. That is one thing for sure and before I was a vegan I could eat a lot. I can eat for like 3 people. So for me making the change from eating meet to becoming a vegetarian then becoming a vegan….. I started noticing the difference. Especially when I was a vegetarian because I didn’t have those big meat dishes. 

Mm: But..... don’t you miss tacos Flexican? 

Flexican: Haha! Yea—yea of course! I made one trip to Mexico and I ate everything that I could and that was two years ago. After that, I was so finished with meat and I was like ok, I am going to stop eating meat. See, I was a flexitarian — as I call it. I would eat a little bit of meat at times but not that much only at restaurants or something like that. But, after that trip in Mexico, I ate everything I possibly could think of. All the Mexican dishes. Pork, beef everything--when I got back, I was so sick of it and from that moment, I became vegan. Also, I can find recipes that replace the Mexican meat dishes and the good spices. So, I don’t need it sometime just the cheese. It’s been fun though to create new dishes with the creative challenge. 

Mm: You love a challenge you love to create even unique dishes, you are a creator all the way. 

Flexican: Yes, yes! 

Mm: In terms of the intentions you want to be next for 2017. It’s still early in the year. How are you feeling about your goals? You had a very successful 2016 but what do you want this year? 

Flexican: Hmm, one thing that is really high on my priority list is all the music that I create has to be released. From there, I can build and go further. I can really overcome my insecurities that I had before. I have really learned to work through my creative insecurities and not suppress it but to make something out of it and not think to much about it. Of course, it has to be good and well produced. Stuff like that but not to beat down on yourself. Continue to be creative in your mind and that evil voice that really brings you down — don’t listen to it. Use all the tools that are possible to suppress, that voice and use your inner power. Just listen to your awesome creative mind. Not your rational mind that always wants to doubt yourself. 

Mm: Well, I love that you are saying that because my whole intention is to use media for good and inspire, empower and motivate other people. People may see you and think…oh he is successful he is fit, he’s x,y,z all these great things about you. Yet probably wouldn't identify you as someone with insecurities so, I love that you are open about saying that is something you do not want to give energy to in 2017.

Flexican: Exactly! 

Mm: If you could also motivate another young person who feels they are meant to do music yet they are having a hard time putting themselves out there. Maybe they are feeling like nothing is happening with my music and this is all a waste. It’s not instant for everyone, how would you encourage that person? 

Flexican: The thing is for me my passion for music and for DJ’ing is because I am a nerd. I am a hip hop nerd that is how I started. I just wanted to do it because of the way you can manipulate music. That worked for me because my focus was not to do it to be famous and make a lot of money. Just really find passion in why you want to do it, that can really help you overcome those insecurities. In the end you still need tools but everybody has those insecurities. Everybody has problems with just finishing a creative thing they need to do in their life. I think the way we are treated in society those tools they don’t give it to you. Society works totally different. The most basic things they don’t teach you such as there is a voice that is speaking to you and that voice is keeping you down. That is the most basic thing that I have learned in meditation. The moment that voice stops you are clear and living in the moment. If you want to succeed in life the one that is going to make it difficult for you is yourself. So you really have to start loving yourself because from there it all starts. If you treat yourself well and you do everything that is the best for you and don’t listen to other people when they say you have to do something that way. If you think something is the best way for you do that and keep your focus and listen to your inner voice. Your inner soul! 

Mm: Right that still small voice — deep, deep inside of you. 

Flexican: Yes, Yes just like you go to the gym and work on your body you have to work on the health of your brain. That is one thing in society we don’t learn. It is just a taboo but it is most basic knowledge to live for you in that moment and don’t think of anything else. 

Mm: I agree, the healthier I have gotten inside, the more my life outside has been positively impacted. The more spiritually clear I have become as well --sound minded. The more success I have been able to have externally. 

Flexican: Yes, when you are ok with yourself its much easier to help other people. You are doing it in a very honest way. You knowand you attract other people who are like you. You have to also be very patient and not expect too much. If you expect too much you will always have that potential disappointment.  That is a bad energy being disappointed, you have to learn to make the best out of what you create. See where it goes, of course work hard for it and of course you have to push your limits plus set goals. 

Mm: New Moon appears to be a reflection of all of that. As I hear you talk about insecurities you have overcome and the growth you have experienced, I can see New Moon is like a reset. The title reflects that definitely. I love your insight and how passionate you are and your discoveries along the way of your health journey. I thank you so much for your time and sharing it with me. I live for these moments. 

Flexican: The nice thing about it is — well a lot of people use these things as a tool to promoting themselves. What I want is that people notice what I am doing and why I am doing it and then I can explain and tell them. If you try to push something off to people and sell them, it doesn't have the same effect. It has to come from yourself and then the conversation is a lot more real. The energy and vibe you express yourself in, people around you, will start noticing and change from that as well. I have noticed it that when you change the people around you change. I know that sounds like that is an ideal world but I have noticed. 

Mm: I think its important to try. To try and be that person. Not everybody is going to embody that but you me we whoever can focus on being the best person they can be. In hopes that it has a domino impact and that is how I think the world can shift and be better in some way shape or form! I thank you so much and appreciate your time + insight. 

Flexican: You're welcome it was really nice chatting with you! When I am in the state you definitely have to come to one of my shows! 

Mm: It was great chatting with you as well,  I can't wait! 


Check out Flexican's compilation mix, your earlobes won't regret it.