Major Key Alert! DJ Khaled and Get Schooled Launch THE KEY TO COMMUNITY

If we are talking formal, the definition of com·mu·ni·ty states a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. If we are talking April, DJ Khaled has that key on lock. This months key has been all about community. The power of uplifting one another is how we win according to the successful DJ. If you think about it, he has always pushed that motto all the way back to We The Best. Personally, when I think back at all the cool things that I have been apart of the common theme within all of them is community....aka my crew. Growing up, community service was not a requirement but a way of life. I started volunteering and going on mission trips since the age of 7.  Expanding my perspective on how people live outside of myself, helped shape my ideologies, evolving my personality into one that not only jumps into any cultural community but it opened my lens to be of help when needed. Being able to connect and cultivate your gifts within a community is almost as important as generating success in itself. I hope this April's key reminds us that nothing great happens alone, just ask all the greats, starting with DJ Khaled!

Enjoy this Major Key...We The Best!

Melissa Mushaka