Where was DJ Khaled, when I was in high school, spending my babysitting money on lip smackers instead of saving for a rainy day i.e the broke days of University. Fortunately, for the upcoming generation of today, we have an artistic leader using his platform to teach, inspire and spread much needed knowledge. In his latest key DJ Khaled helped me further secure the bag. As I thought back at the tips listed below, as well as things I have learned (through mistakes) along the way DJ Khaled has inspired me to share one of many mistakes I made, before I  started my college journey. That one being.... not learning alternative free ways to go to school. My educational  experience turned out to be excellent thanks to Texas Tech University, yet I am still paying for it and it ain't cheap. There are lists of grants and scholarships with FREE MONEY to go to college ( I'm so late to the game).  In addition to being a better saver, there are saving methods that can be done right from your phone within these top 13 apps of 2017. Like anything you are not going to have the bag secured at your first attempt. This advice in addition to DJ Khaled's incredible advice below will send you in the right direction, trust me you will be glad you made these steps now. #securethebagalert

70% of recent high school graduates cite money as the primary obstacle to reaching their goals This is the fifth key in the Get Schooled’s Khaled Keys to Success. In a recent survey of Get Schooled community members who have graduated high school, students cited their lack of basic financial knowledge as a key barrier to getting ahead. 

  • 46% cite money as the key stressor in their life
  •  22% wish they graduated with a better understanding of the options to pay for college
  •  32% wish they graduated with a better sense of how to manage credit cards
  •  70% cite money as the primary obstacle to them reaching their goals

Khaled and Get Schooled have teamed up to address these shortfalls through the creation of the badge.Components of the badge include:

  •  Not on My Dime – Most low-income students think a college education is out of their reach because they can’t afford the cost. We have a list of U.S. colleges and universities that provide full tuition for students who meet income requirements.
  • Dollars Make Sense – Did you know money can multiply itself without you doing anything? Using interest calculators, students learn all about how to make sense of their money to make it grow.
  •  Life on a Budget – Learning how to live on a budget is a skill everyone should master, but it’s especially important for college students! These tips can help you create a smart budget for your income and lifestyle.
  •  Understanding Your Pay Stub –Most students have no idea how to interpret the fields on their pay stub. We give them the tools to understand their pay stub so they can make smart choices about their money.
  •  On Loan – Taking out loans to pay for college is a reality for most students no matter what school they go to. Because loans must be repaid, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into when you take out loans.
  •  Never Pay Full Price – As a student you get all kinds of discounts on everything from food to clothes to entertainment!
  •  Charge It To The Game – Through an interactive game, students learn the importance of being smart with credit cards
  •  Funding Your Dream – Some students know from a young age they want to be business owners. These websites can help you raise capital to fund your dream today. As part of Khaled’s ongoing partnership with Get Schooled, Khaled and Get Schooled have teamed up to create Get Schooled’s Khaled Keys to Success – digital badges that students can earn that encourage them to explore soft skills critical to college and career success. The Keys to Success series recognizes that soft skills are integral to success in college and work and begin to expose young people to critical elements of those skills. A new key – or digital badge- is released each month.

More than 350,000 students have viewed the Khaled keys since they launched in October 2016 and more than 11,000 badges have been completed. As students earn a key they can redeem an exclusive sticker from the Get Schooled – We The Best sticker collection from the Get Schooled reward store. Students who have earned all of the Khaled Keys to success to date have the chance to purchase a copy of Khaled’s book “The Keys” in the Get Schooled reward store.