Get Schooled And DJ Khaled, Drop The KEYS To Communication

Going to college or getting a new job means meeting new people and meeting new people means you have to be able to communicate effectively with different types of people. DJ Khaled and Get Schooled know how important good communication is to success, so they’ve teamed up to release the third badge in the Khaled Keys Program: The Key To Communicate. The Key to Communicate Badge helps students develop solid communications skills to help them navigate the road to success amongst their peers, in school, or the workplace. Through a series of activities, students will develop solid communication skills that help them develop the road to success. 

As a communication enthusiast myself this key holds dear to me. When I was on my journey to picking a major nothing felt right and I mean nothing. Finally, I sat with my Texas Tech Mass Communication advisor Avery Johnson and we decided I focus on Corporate Communication. It’s one of the best decisions I made while in college. Being a communications major made sense for me. Now being in the “real world” I can see how what I learned in my communication classes has been one of the biggest successful keys to me working within television production. This month, DJ Khaled has outlined 8 major communication keys which all resonate with me. Especially the elevator pitch, its never what you say.... but how you say it— quickly! All while stating your point. I hope this months keys (below) inspire you, as much as they have inspired me. 

Components of the badge include:

Words Mean Things: While some words can work in text speak, they are not appropriate for general use. We will share common phrases that might work with your friends, but should never be used in a meeting with a professor, a potential employer, or a mentor.

Constructive Criticism: No one really likes to hear unfavorable feedback but it is part of growing as a person and professional. A successful person can take the feedback, apply it, and grow.

Elevator Pitch: Every successful business person has an elevator pitch – the one minute summary of who they are and what they are about.

Power of Persuasion: Being persuasive is a great skill to have on your road to success.

Can We Talk: Being able to ask for help when you need it can mean the difference between falling behind or excelling in school and life.

Body Language: Communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal.

I Didn’t Mean That: Miscommunication can happen when you use the wrong word at the wrong time. Students will be able to test whether they can choose the correct word for each situation using the context clues.

Agree to Disagree: Is it really possible to agree to disagree and stay friends? A few tips to help them learn how to respectfully disagree with others.