Xavier Omar Takes Afro Punk

It was my first interview at Afro Punk and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the festival-filled weekend. Xavier Omar, a Texas Native with a sound full of gold had made the ticket for his first festival — Afro Punk in Brooklyn, New York. Chatting with Xavier the day before his performance was inspiring. Seeing that just 4 season before American Idol ended Xavier didn’t even make the preliminary. Check out how he overcame rejection, his creative vision for Afro Punk and the secret to his current success.

Mm: It is really dope to have you here. We were just speaking of fans before the interview. How does it feel to be able to say you have fans and be at that level where you were in season 11 of American Idol. I love your story! It makes me feel like yeah, stick it to them!

XO: Haha! I tried to be in season 11 of American Idol. I didn’t make it past the preliminary cuts like when you walk into the building to be apart of the show, I got cut right then and there. So that moment fuelled everything I did since then. I’ve made about 7 projects since then don’t go check them out they’re all old don’t of listen to them. Continue reading

Melissa MushakaComment