​Electric Festival + Aruba = Ultimate Bucket List ​

Electric Festival, hmm I haven’t heard of that event yet— might be what you just said to yourself. Well, I said the same thing and then I clicked on the link and was immediately intrigued. You can only imagine being on the [sand] at this incredible event, had an effect on me that is truly beyond words. Imagine being in the beautiful scenery of Aruba surrounded by people of all backgrounds and full of smiles. The icing on the cake is the exceptional live music which takes over Aruba throughout this 4 day event. Of course the curiosity of how this all began filled my mind. How did such a gem like this get started? I was given the privilege of asking the sea of questions that kept coming to me each day in Aruba with one of the founders of EF, Karim. Our conversation will inspire you to join me next year. See you in Aruba 2017!

Mm: I really had a good, good is not even the word, I had an amazing experience at this years Electric Festival. I was honestly not privy to it prior to being asked to cover this event. So for me my curiosity is genuinely rooted in how this massive event even began as a thought in your mind which is now an annual movement?

EF: Well, I am glad that you enjoyed yourself. Lets just say the history of this dates back about 19 years where we brought house music into Aruba. It was a trip and a bit of a hustle and lots of headaches. People didn’t really understand the music and back then it was more of like the English production sound that was popular, and it was really funny that trying to explain to the locals in Aruba that you have to pay $3 to get into a nightclub — lets just say was our biggest challenge. Continue reading

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