GAWVI, An Artist.....Moving With Purpose!

Pur·pose by definition, is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. GAWVI is one artist who not only stretches himself to creative new heights but has done so with an immense amount of purpose. His latest single Late Nights is full off alluring-energy which drew me to chatting with him further. Learning about his dynamic background spurred on my curiosity which was spot on that there is more to what meets the eye. We had a phone interview that blew me away because his passion and sound personality also reflected in his music. Hearing an early copy of the Ep Lost In Hue inspired me to further share this versatile talent with you all. Check it out, I can’t wait to hear what you think, I have a feeling you’re going to love it!

Mm: I am very inspired by what you said about using your creativity to inspire and unlock peoples potential which is really why I do, what I do! Having conversations that motivate and inspire people to do something greater with their life you know. I would love to know when did that click for you, that your talent is meant to be fused with that purpose so to speak? Continue reading

Melissa MushakaComment