Media Personalities Unite

She is a force to reckon with and if you don’t know —now you NEED to know Bonang Matheba! TV Host, Radio DJ, Fashion Icon and all around beauty queen inside-and-out. Bonang is the face & voice of South Africa and she made a ground breaking appearance this past week at New York Cities highly anticipated fashion week #NYFW. I caught up with the jet setting media personality at the rooftop of Helen Yarmak’s showroom. Bonang being the fashion icon that she is wore Helen Yarmak to the Alice and Olivia show and seeing that the outfit had glowing reviews the designer requested to meet her. We sat outside on the rooftop and had an in-depth chat about her rise to unstoppable success. The keys to unlock all of our success and why we as women must be the domino effect of love we want to see reverberated throughout the world. Bonang, it was simply a pleasure to say the least!

Mm: My draw to you is— I love women who are doing things fearlessly and using their platform and voice to make a difference. All within using beauty and products to empower other women especially in Africa— Southern Africa where it gets this incorrect rap at times. Being born there and raised here I’ve seen the different verbiage that people say between the two. So when I saw you through Harrison who is a friend of mine, I was just like wow, I want face time to speak with her and say congratulations, keep going and HOW did you start? haha!

B: You know what, it’s been such a long- long journey thank you so much. I started when I was 16 obviously auditions. Just like everybody went to auditions, moved from one show to the next and ultimately get a bigger show, then get bigger show, then you get a bigger show and you become bigger and bigger and bigger. Continue reading

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