Gallant x Melissa Mushaka

Having the privilege of watching Gallant perform in general is the ultimate bless-up. Yet to be able to watch this rising talent perform and witness this magic come to life from the backstage view had a nostalgic feel. One that I wish could come to life again right now as you read this article. @sogallant has been mentioned by several of the greats for his immense talent. Two of them being Elton John and Seal who he recently collaborated with on their hit song Weight of Gold. Getting to know this brilliant young man on a more in depth manner after his show was an incredible honor. He carries such a refreshing sense of awareness that clearly translates within his music as well. Check out out enlightening conversation. I couldn’t think of a better way to end Afro Punk Brooklyn, than with Gallant!

Mm: Piggy backing off of what we started talking about regarding the grind— the New York hustle. You are doing what a lot of people are in their rooms $1,000 dollar rented “rooms”

G: Their closets!

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