Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans a dynamite petite-powerhouse is a force of nature that extends beyond her vocals. Discovered at the age of 9 on star search, with a now illustrious career; Evans talents excel to an infinite level. With a hot new single out “On Sight” with Fetty Wap there is no limit to her sky-high ambition. Talking with Evans for the first time, felt like meeting up with a long lost friend where you pick up right where you left off. Her business intelligence combined with her zest of using her platform for the bigger purpose is transparent in her art. Our conversation on her new EP “All Me” being totally true to yourself and the biggest realization she had at the mere age of 13, impacting her today, will leave you fully enlivened.

Mm: From being discovered on star search to now being a mother of two, you have your own company The Little Lady Enterprises you have done a lot and have so much more going on. When you were starting out and got discovered on did you foresee your career going this far? 
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