Mm: You are only 25 yet you have used some of the roughest moments within your upbringing to create the Monde Sitole Educational Strategies Foundation and much more. When did you make the commitment to being a leader for yourself and for others? 

MS: It was after I had climbed Mount Elbrus highest peak in Europe. I got dropped by gear sponsor before I left..... I still went self-funded and that’s when it dawned on me that this is a far greater purpose. It also confirmed in me that there is a deeper reservoir from where I draw from when I’m on a mountain. I carry the suppressed dreams of every township kid on my backpack. I first started with my Desert Rose Adventure Club taking ex-gangsters with a zealous reckless spirit that was used to jump fences... into the wild.  The aim of tackling the alpine, was to address the schooling system and its primary intent was to empower youth with skills to create better tomorrows. Innovation and ingenuity are missing links in South Africa’s education system that need to be addressed if we are to inject new life for the future. Serious change needs to take place to allow our youth to plot their own destinies whilst spearheading solutions for issues that our country faces. Through a range of strategies and initiatives, the Monde Sitole Foundation aims to nurture a culture of achievement, efficacy and excellence.  As well as, promoting an impactful, comprehensive, engaging, integrated, and holistic approach to education. The Foundation will foster innovation and spur on new knowledge for the sustainable development of South Africa. Ensuring that opportunities are made accessible to all, and providing learners with the required values and skills to grow personally. While critical and exploratory thinking, encouraging them to partake and innovate, as well as adapt to an increasingly globalized world. Continue reading

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