Black Coffee's New Album = GOOD VIBES

This is the second time in 2016 that I get to have a conversation with you (Black Coffee) and I honestly feel immensely blessed. The last time you hadn’t yet dropped your latest single “Come with Me”. You now have dropped “Come with Me”  and a video and your album Pieces of Me which I have been listening to. I got ready to it today, I’ve been on it...... It’s so sick! 

Mm: I want to talk about the intro because it is very intentional. It ends with “before there was music, there was love”. Break all of that down for me please!

BC: I’ve always wanted to work with the lady, her name is Lebo Mashile she is the most celebrated, most talented. For me she is like number one poet in the country honestly. We have always wanted to do something and I just had an idea of getting her to do the intro. I told her what I am looking for you know, I just briefed her like listen. I want this intro to be about Black Coffee not me but —Black Coffee must not be as in Coffee, Coffee it must be music. Because when you think its music then you think its Black Coffee because it wakes you up but then its music. She went all the way, it just shows how talented she is. She took her time I got into the studio, one take I was like thank you.

Mm: Are you serious? Continue reading



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