Kali Uchis

To run in your own lane within an industry that aims to paint your lanes, is extremely impressive. Kali Uchis has definitely created her own and redefined all the lines that surround them if any at all. At the Full Moon festival this past weekend on Governors Island, Kali took the stage to a full crowd and played to some die hard fans. Before her performance, I sat down for a quick chat with the singer, producer, songwriter + music video director to explore how she has established so many professional hats. Her incredible heritage and playing again for the first time this year in New York City. Kali Uchis is the truth, take look!

Mm: You have a huge fan base which I really took note of, on the way to the festival. When I asked most of the arrivals who they were there to see they said, Kali Uchis. Within all of that, what I really admire and share with you is that, I was born in another country (Zimbabwe) yet grew up in the USA (Texas). You were born in Columbia yet grew up in Alexandra. It’s really shaped who I am as a person and I am curious as to how much of your creative world and music is rooted in your unique foundation?

KU: Being a Columbian American, your American but your roots are culturally elsewhere. It is a little bit confusing for a bit―― some people don’t even know their homeland language and some people just never go back to their homes. I feel like its always really important, just to figure out where your family came from. So personally its always meant a lot to me to keep visiting my family. I did a whole music video in Columbia called Riding around— Continue reading

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