Introducing Party Favor the Turn-up King

Don’t let the name fool you, Party Favor once you hear just one track from this vivacious DJ/ producer you will feel like he did do you a favor. Known for his hits such as “Bap U” and “Booty Loose” he’s been tapped on the jacket for pioneering the festival trap genre. Now with a new dope single out “Give It To Me Twice” featuring Sean Kingston & Rich The Kid your ears will surely thank you. I had the chance to catch up with Party Favor a.k.a Dylan, our conversation was inspiring, zen (yes zen, fo’real) and insightful.

Mm: I have been really digging diving into your history regarding where you’ve been and where you are going. I’m highly intrigued because you started in post production. Yet, how did you go from post production to being this groundbreaking artist thats killin-it?

PF: Wow! That last sentence is way to nice, thank you! I think you know for me, I was really into film for such a long time and film for me was picking all these pieces that have been filmed and ready to go. Then turning that into something and I think that when I was in school for my own personal projects, I wanted to be able to start scoring my own stuff you know and at the time I thought it was a very lofty goal. I thought, ok you know, I’m going to start working in production and start trying to make maybe some music or some cool sounds for you know my production. Continue reading

Melissa MushakaComment