It's the Matoma Takeover

Mm: It’s the Matoma takeover and I want to start with how Uplifting your music is. I really— really dig it. Its like that uplifting fun vibe. You have a distinct uplifting approach. You seem very intentional about that, is that what your going for?

Matoma: Yea, I have always been about the good vibes and the good spirit. I don’t take life for granted and I really live everyday as though it was the last. If I meet people I believe you should be meeting people with a smile, meeting them with good energy. I think everyone deserves to have the good energy around them and I think life today isn’t easy especially for a lot of people. If I come to them with my good energy maybe it will reflect.

Mm: We can and should all do our part right!

Matoma: Yea, Yea!  Continue reading

Melissa MushakaComment