The Rise Of Dillistone

To have talent is a gift in and of itself. To utilize that talent from a very young age is the ultimate goal. A goal that Dillistone has achieved. This rising producer/ vocalist has been honing his craft since early on. Landing his first DJ gig at night clubs in Shanghai at 16 and now settled in UK, his journey to success is just getting started. The Danish born Morten Aamodt discusses his new EP release “Furnace”, living out his dream and his extremely diverse upbringing. Our conversation is sure to light-up your curiosity around this emerging talent. Provoking Dillistone to become one of your new favorite playlist additions.

Mm: Seeing that you have such a unique & diverse upbringing, when did you know that music was the path for you?

D: I had some amazing teachers in my life whose passion for music rubbed off on me, so it has always really been part of my life growing up. I was never really the technically best of the class, but they would always encourage me in my production and even though they didn’t fully understand it they would never get mad when I kept blowing the schools PA because I didn’t know what limiting was (it only happened twice). Continue reading

Melissa MushakaComment