Chocolate Puma

Believe it or not, July 31st was my first venture to Governors Island. After living in New York for 8 years. Governors Island and I had never crossed paths. So when the opportunity to chat with Chocolate Puma presented itself, I was elated. I couldn’t think of a better way to experience Governors Island for the first time than through Oliver Heldends Festival Heldeep Island. Even just standing in the line to the Ferry had a build up of excitement that was so intense. To get myself in the zone, I played Chocolate Puma from my smartphone and thats when I knew, Chocolate Puma has developed an outstanding name for themselves for a reason. The festival goers in line moved towards me just to rev-up their dance moves before checking out one of their favorite acts. Having the opportunity to sit and chat with the spirited duo in their trailer exceeded my imagination. Formally known as Rene and Gaston, I was greeted with open arms as they began to share with me about where they are, where they have been and where they are going. Check out our dynamic conversation and get to know Chocolate Puma if you don’t already!

Mm: You have a career span of over 20 years, how have you been able to evolve individually and together? How does your music reflect that process?

CP: I think we both love musicians its very special that we both grow and think the same way after all these years. Continue reading

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