Mm: Your new album Brown Girl written by you Aaradhna; has a very intentional much needed message. What kind of mind-frame did you create for yourself in order to execute such a powerful vision? 

Aa: My mind-frame at the time wasn’t something I created myself or had to put myself into. Different moments I experienced shifted me in these states of mind. These experiences brought out a lot of different emotions which I felt could only be expressed truthfully, and whole-heartedly through these songs. 

Mm: What makes Brown Girl bolder than your previous records? 

Aa: This album reveals a more in depth view on what goes on in my life - the growth I’ve made as a woman and voicing out on issues I’ve not spoken on before.

Mm: Your album delves into topics that often get skimmed in today’s fast culture. With so much currently going on in our world, how would you like your music to be received, and for listeners to make a step towards ears opening and change happening? Continue reading

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