Digital Pioneer Dondria Nicole

The direction she is heading is captivating and interviewing her only strengthened my intrigue. Dondria Nicole Singer/Songwriter, is challenging herself to new heights, all while letting pure creativity be her guide. This young, talented-fierce beauty, got her self-created start on Youtube. Now as an established artist, with two brand new double singles out Luv-Ya and 2 Good discussing the fruits of her labor exhilarated me. Especially— her key fitness success tip. Check out our chat and keep up with Dondria Nicole as she soars through 2016!

Mm: I just wanted to first of all start with how impressed and amazedI am that you started on YouTube and you have built this amazing platform. Years ago, I too started my media thing on Youtube, so the power of technology today is amazing. When you started your channel on Youtube, was your intention to be signed? Or how did that transpire — was it a hobby? What was your intention when you started you channel?

DN: It was just a hobby. I wanted to get an unbiased opinion, I had like my family, friends you know my teachers and coaches telling me that, I was talented and sounded good. Yet, if its somebody that bias to you, I kind of don’t listen; cause I want to know what the stranger on the street has to say. How do you feel? Thats whose opinion I want to know, so I put myself on YouTube. I had no, no idea that it was going to turn into what it did. It happened so quickly, like after a year of me being on there everything just changed. Continue reading

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