The Self-Taught Artist Vicetone

They are one of the most anticipated sought after acts in dance music. Vicetone has set an accelerated career pace, being center stage with a huge global following. Voted in DJ magazine as top 100 DJ’s— this successful self-taught duo have reached outstanding heights, under the age of 25. Chatting with them in Los Angeles at their press teams U.S. offices was effortless, fun and simply great. Take a look as we discuss their new EP Aurora, being on a hot summer tour and evolving successfully as a team against all odds. 

Mm: Within your new song Siren, that you recorded in Nashville, I was reading an interview you both did where you said, You don’t want to be type casted or subjected to a specific genre, you just feel the melody and then you create it from there. Which, I don’t hear a lot of artist say that at times. I love that you are choosing to break these borders. Have you always had that mindset?

V: I think in the beginning we had it a little less because in the beginning your just starting out and your kind of trying to find your own style and your own sound. You know as you make more music and you mature as an artist you kind of — you don’t want to put your in that one little box. Take off that its only EDM box and sometimes fans don’t like it when you go outside their genre because they like you for the older stuff that you did or the dance music.
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