The Unstoppable DJ Sian,

DJ Sian is calm, cool, stylish and collected. Having created a catalogue of music that will rock your Vans off. His diverse talents have led him to becoming founder of the top selling worldwide techno label Octopus Recordings He is currently on a global tour, has a new single dropping June 13th “Out is In” and much more. The Dublin born Spain raised DJ shares his insights on sticking to your vision, why 90% perspiration and his exclusive 2016 upcoming plans. One word— unstoppable!

MM: I love that you are born in Dublin yet raised in Spain.

S: Yea, probably like 16 years total over there.

MM: How much has your diverse background had an influence on your music?

S: I think, it was the main thing that kind made me want to do this. First, I’m use to traveling around. I would like move around with my parents every year. Secondly Spain has like a really weird underground culture for electronic music. Continue reading