Veteran Rapper Redman And Renowned DJ/Producer Jayceeoh Team Up

To stamp this 1000Volts team as electrifying, is an understatement. This pair comprised of the legendary artist Redman and world-renowned turntables Jayceeoh has taken their artistry to the next level. Sitting down with the talented duo showed proof, why their collaboration is a natural success. With their new project 1000Volts out, these two powerful forces are bringing impactful energy to the mix with an intentional message. Chatting with them over chips and guac, I uncovered both artist rooted time and passion they have each put into their craft. Take a look at how these two are taking their new project 1000Volts to the ultimate level!

MM: With this incredible collaboration, how did you two even come together? I know you met in Croatia yet was it an instant vibe?

Jay: It was an organic thing. Where I had a record where I had sampled Red and I was about to just release it as a promo and just like whatever. Then we got booked at the same festival in Croatia and I was like this is an opportunity to meet Red and see what he thinks, maybe he can get it official and who knows. I got to meet him and I played him the record just in passion like the first time I met him I was like “ yo check this out on my phone”. Continue reading