The Foals Continue to Break Ground, At Coachella 2016

It’s not often, that you get exclusive one-on-one time with a main stage group that is on the heels of performing at one of the biggest events of the year. The humility this multitalented band displays is captivating. As a group of five, they have managed to find their niche and make headway within their steady growth. I had the chance to chat with The Foals bass, percussion and vocalist member Walter Gervers on what it’s like to land a slot on Coachella’s main stage, their creative secrets and how they manage to stay so humble amidst global success. 

Mm: It was really exciting for me, researching you. Discovering that you have such an original sound and learning that you were awarded the Q Award for best live acts. As well as being recognized as one of the top UK live acts which is like amazing.  How did reaching such goals transpire in such a short amount of time? Even though I’m sure it has not and doesn’t feel quick at all.

WG: It doesn’t feel quick, in fact I suppose that side of things, that kind of recognition has come at quite a good point for us. It is a real honour to be given something like that because we’ve actually been around for 9-10 years now. I think the thing with us is that we sort of been like this gradual-climbing-building band. We started off very small back home and over here in the states. Continue reading

Melissa MushakaComment