AC Slater, Coachella 2016 and His Summer Tour

AC Slater King of the party scene, has kicked off a mega 8 show tour this summer. Released his amazing EP which dropped on May 26th and a creatively addictive music video to Bass Inside . Plus, he killed it in the Yuma tent at this years 2016 Coachella, not once but both weekends. AC is also slated to perform at the 25th anniversary at this years Lollapalooza — and 2016 is only at the halfway mark. Catching up with him over a chilled glass of white wine in Los Angeles was as refreshing as it sounds. The energy that AC brings to the stage is just as prominent in person as well as contagious. Learning more about his journey and the odds he has overcome will inspire any DJ, artist or human being period to persist, believe, and simply just do you! Cheers to you AC Slater!

AC: I started a series, a summer phase’s series its kind of like a summer long thing. It’s not really a tour I guess, it’s more of like a series of shows. Its only 8 shows so it’s spread out throughout like the summer.

Mm: Yea it ends in like the end of August right?   Continue reading

Melissa MushakaComment