Bob Moses, Coachella 2016

To sit with the talented duo— Bob Moses is insightful to say the least. Jimmy Vallance and Tim Howie’s allure extends beyond the stage which they illuminate within each show. That illumination grabbed the attention of fans at this years Coachella Valley Music Festival. Our conversation which took place for a mere 10 minutes, felt like seconds that diminished like an outstanding dessert. As we sat on the sofa in the press tent, our conversation is sure to inspire you to remain dedicated, have fun with your life and hope Ellen Degeneres hears your music in her car as well.

I loved you guys Ellen Performance, I thought it was quite-ill. I love how she was driving in her car and said “who are these guys and then thought get here now”.

BM: The whole thing was just like such a trip. That was it, she literally did that—it wasn’t a lie. She heard us in the car and was like I have to have them. We were in Brazil touring- on the way from the airport to our hotel or something. It was like we did 5 or 6 shows in a row down there and were like flying around a lot —we were tired. We played that night at like 2am then went straight to the airport and flew to Chile played there and then flew back. Then we get the text that Ellen wants us to come and we were like, “Oh for her birthday episode”? So, it was like Ellen wants you to come play her birthday. Were like, “Oh so like a private party for Ellen’s birthday”? Thats awesome! Then they were like No, the show and we were like your kidding me wow!
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Melissa Mushaka