Assassin, who has hit Collabs With Kanye West + Kendrick Lamar Drops First Solo Album After 10 Years!

Theory of Reggaetivity Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco’s new album is an incredible example of true talent taking reggae to another level. The album, is a cover-to-cover listen with a natural vibe that can only be described as a genuine extension of the artist. Agent Sasco who also has two hit collaborations with Kanye West, (“I’m In it”) and Kendrick Lamar (“The Blacker The Berry”) has released his first solo album after almost 10 years. His insight into “timing is everything” not only holds true in his unique sound but within the development of Theory of Reggaetivity. His journey within creativity will inspire you to challenge the best parts of yourself and release the worst all while keeping in mind— life is made to be simple. Sitting down with Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco expanded how I approach what’s possible all while strengthening my reggae loving roots. Take a look at how this artists self-awareness and natural born passion, is changing the reggae game.

MM: Your sound brings me back to my childhood, being born in Southern Africa and growing up on Beenie Man and Buju Banton at every African party. Who are your musical influences?

AS: All of those names you mentioned. I fell in love with music very young. Being born in 1982 and falling in love with music at around —I don’t know,1982! Continue reading