Adult Swim’s Creative Director, Jason DeMarco y

The 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program is at it again, and this year’s installment is better than ever. Since 2010 the cutting edge network has offered an incredible global array of singles that are updated and available for free weekly downloads. I call that, creative jackpot! With Adult Swim having such a reputable name, I was able to get an exclusive insight, from Jason DeMarco, the SVP and Creative Director, of Adult Swim On-Air, the brains behind the rapidly growing non-secret empire. My interview with Jason was beyond enlightening. To some this may read like the next best commencement speech in the making. But, for music lovers DeMarco’s humble beginnings and drive for creative fairness is deeply inspiring. It explains why there is so much magic in this years summer-sixteen Adult Swim Singles Program.

Mm: I find it incredible that you went from being a production assistant to associate producer at TNT to now SVP & Creative Director for On-Air @Adult Swim. Did you have that goal in mind upon starting out? If not, what are the tools you feel helped connect those dots? 

JD: Yeah it’s been a good run so far! I actually just celebrated my 20th anniversary at Turner, which is crazy to me. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long at all. My goal when I started was just to learn as much as I could about working in TV. Luckily, I had some great mentors and was able to slowly figure out my way within Turner. Continue reading →

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