Groundbreaking Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Isn’t The Only Woman To Make History

There’s a new festival in town. “The Other Festival” founded and created by Dee Poke-Spaulding is the first all woman festival to take place this summer-sixteen, on June 11th in New York City. Dee Poke is also the CEO of WIE a women’s leadership network. WIE Network provides compelling conversations with notable industry figures designed to empower the next generation and equip them with the tools to succeed. Being the difference is in Dee’s blood. A former Hollywood Exec she left that path and turned her dreams of motivating female leaders today into action. Catching up with Dee was like speaking with the mentor I didn’t know, I needed. Our conversation about “The Other Festival” launching this weekend was phenomenal. Often times we have an idea but very seldom do we allow that idea to expand beyond us which, “The Other Festival” has beautifully curated. Thank you Dee Poku-Spaulding for your bravery!

MM: How did you go from having an innocuous thought last year at a festival you were attending thinking, “Hmm there is an endless array of all male bands and fried food, theres got to be another way let me launch The Other Festival” which is now a living breathing ladies save the date for June 11th event?

DP: I know, I keep asking myself that question— What am I doing? You know, it just stayed with me this idea. I already run a women’s focused organization and so I already work in the space with supporting women and for gender equality. I never really thought about the music space in that way before and it just suddenly was brought home for me by having gone to a couple of these festivals last summer. I started just reading more about it and it occurred to me, when I think about the music business, I think about all these really empowered female artist like Rihanna, Beyonce and Taylor Swift and I am like wow, these woman are dominating. It’s just not reflected, certainly not behind the scenes in the music business and it’s certainly not reflected on the festival bracket. Continue reading


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