Chinatown’s New Radical Art Space, Launched by a 25-Year-Old Visionary

Michelle Marie Esteva, the (now) 26-year-old owner of Chinatown Soup, a creative hub for artists of all backgrounds, is a force to be seen. Creating this space from intuition, limited funds and knowing it was bigger than her led “The Soup” to evolve into a downtown New York artist landmark. Michelle took me through her space one Thursday morning, and to say it was eye-opening as to what one can create with enough ambition-beyond motivating. Living a life without defined limits is what Michelle embodies and that characteristic shows up in the creation of Chinatown Soup. Our chat below is sure to redefine how you go about your “dreams” which in turn can be summed up as, what is your commitment everyday? Check out this incredible conversation!

M: Why does-NOT calling Chinatown Soup an Art Gallery play a huge role in what you have created and matter to you immensely?

CTS: “Gallery” is a label that doesn’t capture what Chinatown Soup is about. As a hybrid creative space, priorities and values differ from those of surrounding whitebox situations with commercial orientations. Facilitating sales for artists is important, but there’s more going on here. What does art celebrate? The spirit of this question inspires how Soup is evolving. Continue reading →