How Wolf Alice Made Magic at Coachella 2016

Wolf Alice has a sound that transcends the average alternative rock ears. Forming in North London, as a two person band to now a four-piece group, their fun eclectic sound created magic at the outdoor stage. Setting the tone as the quintessential festival moment. Sitting in the grass listening to Wolf Alice perform served as a highlight, for one of my most-epic Coachella Festival Moments. I had the chance to catch up with the band post performance to discuss the trick to playing festivals, and the secret to forming a successful group.

M: Take me through the whole creative process performing here at Coachella, did you take a different creative approach than you normally have in the past?

WA: I think it was a dream come true to play at Coachella. I’d only heard things about it. I didn’t think we would get here quite so soon if ever. So yeah, it was amazing to play against such an incredible beautiful backdrop is unbelievable. Continue reading