This Hidden Gem In The Midst Of Southern Africa Will Top Your Bucket List

When you think of Southern Africa, a 3 day festival located in Zimbabwe’s mosaic gem, Victoria Falls is probably not the first thought that comes to mind. For many traveling to a southern region in Africa, the instant imagery tends to be safari’s, legendary landscape and a rich culture. Many in the world have yet to discover this legendary celebration which takes place in one of the seven wonders of the world, surrounded by beautiful Sub-Saharan African trees, and dancing to some of the livest DJ’s from around the world, the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival just that.

The event spans from a steam train party to bungee jumping off the famous Vic falls or elephant back safari rides and much more. In conjunction to the activities, you have the option of camping on the grounds with like minded travelers of all backgrounds. To top it off, the JVFC is held on the last three days of the year with a line-up of amazing music playing into the New Year. The moment I stumbled upon this incredible event, I had to know more which led to my interview with Charlotte Kanter, Marketing Manager for Seeds Experiences. Kanter speaks with me about Africa’s most exciting and largest New Years festival to date. Continue reading