Miracles From Heaven Producer DeVon Franklin

On a recent morning, DeVon Franklin, New York Times best selling author, motivational speaker, preacher and film producer had a phone interview for Mushaka’s Motivation on Huffington Post. To depict the joy and optimism that Mr. Franklin emitted through the phone as contagious, would only be an understatement. Fresh off the heels, of his new film MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN, hitting the box office— the first film produced by his production company, Franklin Entertainment this interview, was a miraculous way to start a Friday.

With 2016 beginning at full steam, releasing a new book with wife Meagan Good “ The Wait” a book about their love story and the blessings + benefits that were bestowed unto them, upon the couples decision to wait to have sex before marriage. It was insightful to approach this topic personally having been taught the principle of “The Wait” from an early age, yet vacillating as many of us have around the fear of truly living out such a decision. Mr Franklin striking the perfect balance of motivation and supportive preacher had an eye opening answer addressing my internal chatter. Causing me to realize unhealthy chatter unchecked can lead to a disarray of unnecessary actions. Continue reading

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