How Instagram Turned a Fashion Blogger’s Passion into a Multifigure Company

If you don’t know — now you know Danielle Bernstein!

She is female fashion blogger who started out as a street blogger and now has a full fledged multifigure company. On October 30th weWoreWhat launched a partnering with Century 21, curating a shop for the historic bargain store this weekend in New York City.
Bernstein who is under 24, is now being paid anywhere from $5,000 to now over $15,000 + for a single piece of sponsored content on instagram. She chats with me on how she did it and what continually motivates her.

MM When you started out as a street blogger, was is just for fun on social media?

DB WeWoreWhat started as a street style blog. I picked up a camera, taught myself how to use it and started to go around the city and FIT taking pictures of girls’ outfits. Continue reading