It’s Too Sick Not To Miss, The Breakout Artist Chloe Campbell’s Hit Single!

A voice with natural-soul, Chloe Campbell’s new single Sick is sure to set the tone for a dynamic 2017. The Bahamian-born singer songwriter chatted with me on her incredible musical background. Her path, although unique is incredibly inspiring and her voice backs her powerful talent. Check out my conversation with this gifted artist on her hit single Sick, her cooking skills and what it’s like collaborating with musical greats. Not to mention her exclusive holiday drop— Santa Baby! There really is no other way to escape the winter blues than right here, take a look. 

Mm: I am really loving the line in your song “and one day your going to wish I knew your name”. I feel that line so much, and I also feel like that can be a universal line. In the sense that it is not just pertaining to boyfriend girl friend relationship. It can translate with multiple relationships. What is your personal take on that line because you sing it with such passion?

Chloe: Yea, totally! Whenever I explain the message of sick and how I want it to be taken, its not just for a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. It can be from a friendship that went bad. That is exactly what I meant with that line. Your friend that you have bad blood with and you are going to go on with your life and do amazing things — you have goals. They are going to wish that they hadn’t crossed you so that’s what I intended in that line. Continue reading