How The African Children’s Choir Are Being The Change, They Wish To See!

A choir like no other. The African Children’s Choir brings a whole new meaning to the term strength in numbers. Except these numbers all range between the ages of 7-10 and can fill a room with such hope and joy you know, you are witnessing something special. That was my experience during the NYC ChangeMakers Gala on November 17th when I had the opportunity to see the African Children’s Choir perform. The choir which started in 1984 has had 32 years of improving the lives of orphaned African children. I had the opportunity to speak with three of the kids from the choir and there is nothing like the candidness of a child to put things into perspective. Chatting with them and their chaperones David and Sanai who where also kids in the choir and now give back their time, reaffirmed the notion that less is more in life. For many of these kids getting an education—- daily is the highlight of this opportunity. Not to mention the exposure and skills they are fortunate to mold at such a tender age. I loved our chat and I know you will too. 

Blessing, Sam and Winfred choir members Ages 7,7 and 8 years old’s interview

Mm: How long have you all been singing in the African Children’s Choir? 

Blessing: Well, 3 months. 

Mm: What do you love about being apart of this really fun group? 

Sam: Performing!!

Mm: Performing, wow! Did you know how to be a performer before this? 

Kids: No

Mm: No, how did you learn and become comfortable? Continue Reading

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