Could You Handle A Phone-Free Concert? This Never Happened Tour By Lane 8, Takes On The Challenge!

In this fast spaced-high-tech society, now known as our new norm, leaving your gadgets at home is abnormal. We snap, gram and Facebook every movement, yet what if we couldn’t. What if the moment you were living was—for just that living, no recording allowed? This Never Happened Tour by Lane 8 doesn’t permit anyone from accessing their cell phones or taking photos whatsoever inside the venue. This concept inspired by Daniel Goldstein aka Lane 8 is opening up a much needed dialogue. A dialogue that is taking place face-to-face and not screen-to-screen. Check out my conversation with Lane 8 regarding how this got started….why this got started and how it’s selling out shows all over the country—so intriguing! I believe he is on to something. #thisneverhappenedtour

Mm: I am loving that you were brought to my attention. With the well known fact that you don’t allow cell-phone use from the crowd in your performances on your This Never Happened Tour. I am highly intrigued by….how this started? Was this something that you were annoyed with?…..What birthed this idea of a no cell-phone zone? 

LANE8: What happened was I put out an album last year, during the summer. In the fall I went on a tour of the US and played a bunch of shows. I noticed whenever I played one of the better known tracks from the album— instead of it being like a real moment in the set and people going crazy when they recognized it, everyone was just kind of standing there with their cell phones recording. It made the whole atmosphere of the show a bit lame, in my opinion. 

Mm: It took from the energy? Continue Reading

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