The Stellar Creation Behind South Africa’s Fascinating Trio GoodLuck!

My inspiring chat with one of South Africa’s hottest groups reminded me why music is THE most powerful tool. It connects human beings beyond time, location and even cultural backgrounds. GoodLuck’s new album‘The Nature Within’ is a transparent journey which they recorded all over the world. With one of the most alluring festivals in all of Southern Africa approaching, GoodLuck will be one of the star headliners for the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival. This talented trio and I discuss opening-up for Pharrell Williams, the creative power behind their new album and ringing in the New Year in utter style.

Mm: I am really excited to finally have this moment to get to chat with you. There is something powerful about timing. I have witnessed since 2015 (when we were set to talk and it didn’t work out) to now in 2016 as we are actually chatting, you guys have taken your game to another level. 

GL Ben: WoW! Thanks for noticing that!

Mm: Yea, even your website has evolved. You’re just growing and growing and growing! How does it feel to rise and grind into becoming one of South Africa’s premiere talents.

GL Ben: We always talk about it as being one-foot-in-front of the other. And so for ourselves, you kinda lose yourself in the process of it as an artist and as entrepreneurs because at the end of the day, that’s what the music business is. It’s a coupling of artistry and business. So there is this, I suppose quite diverse coupling of creativity and administration through which you get caught up in a little bit because it just becomes a whirlwind of different sides of the brain your having to work from. You set yourself goals and you set targets of what you want to achieve and what you want to do as an artist and as a business person. I think to a degree we don’t really take to much cognizance in what our profile is and just sort of really following our hearts and what we want to achieve.

Mm: With that following your heart, how do the three of you remain in unison? You’re three individual beings yet you are creating collectively as one. Continue Reading