Fall, Football, Fashion all three of my favorite f’s! With fall kicks-off of football. Undrafted an Emmy-nominated sports series narrated by actor, comedian and rapper Christopher Reid, gives the real on what it’s like before you make the team. Quoting the infamous line of Jay Z “ In order to experience joy, you need pain” in which that pain bonds you to these characters who lay not only their hearts on the line but their entire bodies at the undrafted scouting combine. For anyone who doesn’t know this about me, I am a huge sports fan. That love is thanks to my alma mater Texas Tech University which might as well be known as Texas Football University. The most powerful thing I learned about sports is that it’s synonymous with life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but what defines the winners is the fight from within and the backstory many people rarely know! This show is sure to inspire young viewers, seasoned viewers and ladies from all backgrounds to take a different view from the sideline when aspiring football legends are #UNDRAFTED. Watch

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