E·qua·nim·i·ty, A State Of Being with Lumbie Mlambo

Lumbie Mlambo, the definition of calm-composure, with a grace that can’t be missed— is the best way to describe this self-starting entrepreneur. It’s no wonder her magazine Equanimity is a platform for real people and their search for better lives. Lumbie herself has been on quite a journey. During our chat, she candidly shared with me her ability to make something out of nothing and the courage she has faced amidst many insurmountable circumstances. This story is more than just #motivationmonday its motivation daily. As I often say, we all have it in us to be great, its what we choose to do with the gifts planted inside that determine the crop. Take a look at this captivating chat!

Mm: I am really fortunate to be able to chat with you. I have watched you from a distance, start your Magazine and it become a great light that is spreading globally. I also was intrigued to learn that you started this project while working at JP Morgan Chase doing computer science.

How long did you know that doing a Magazine of this Magnitude was something within you? Was it a leap you finally took or did this passion come to you— through a series of situations?

LM: It came through a series of situations. I really wanted to see a different kind of Magazine that did not just focus on pictures of people. I thought that it would be nice to see a magazine that talks about things that people really want to hear.   Continue reading

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