​Why Elderbrook Is One Unique Artist To Watch! ​

At first glance you may dismiss this artist as another talent in the ever-expanding musical family. Yet, Elderbrook, UK born electronic artist has a unique edge which is clearly vocalized in his new single Closer. I had the chance to catch up with the calm-young talent, while he was on holiday in Paris. Gearing up for his mega tour and breaking down with me the creative inspiration behind his sound, left me highly intrigued. I have a feeling you will feel the same way!

Mm: I love that you are heavily influence by Jazz. I am a huge Jazz fan myself, I grew up to jazz via my parents. I was intrigued that, that is a big part of your influences. Do you still stop and take time to enjoy jazz no? If so who?

EB: To be honest now, I drift more towards gospel. Like, old gospel music.

Mm: Oh yeah! Like who?

EB: People like Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers. The Harmonizing Four, Swan Silvertones. Basically, I drift towards things that are vocal harmony based. Continue reading

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