Artist salute's Exclusive Interview + Video

U.K. based Artist Salute, has hit-the-nail on the hammer with his new single Storm. This video is creatively on point with layers of unique elements that are not often found in most young artist portfolio. I had the chance to chat with Salute, formally known as Felix. His insight made total sense, as to how he was able to drive such a creative vision forward. Be inspired and encouraged within the eye of your own storm, take a look!

Mm: When he (your publicist) sent me eye of the storm I was like this is so artistically amazing and very specific in how and why its done. I am really curious as to what the eye of the storm means to you within that song?

S: So basically its about a relationship and how the eye of the storm is when you go through something ridiculously hard whether its like a fight or distance. It’s just if you can survive being in the eye of the storm—- like in the roughest part of the relationship then you can pretty much go through anything else together.

Mm: That’s true, very true. How did the idea come about to use this beautiful woman who is dancing. In which..... she represents the eye of the storm, so to speak right?  Continue reading

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